Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wendy Lyn Watson's A Parfait Murder

If there's one requirement I have for a cozy mystery...wait for it...it's that it is cozy!  When I read fiction, I usually want an escape from the real world.  I like to know that the protagonist, at the end of it all, will still be that humorous, likeable character and ultimately be just fine.  That being said, I respect an author's desire to have serious moments for their characters in order to allow them more growth in the course of a series.  Wendy Lyn Watson reminded me that this can be done in the right way (even in a cozy mystery) in her 3rd Mystery A La Mode series, A Parfait Murder.  Serving up ice cream and southern charm, Tallulah "Tally" Jones becomes embroiled in another murder mystery, starring her cousin Bree as prime suspect.  Tally faces some difficult and personal revelations throughout the book, but remains a class act character throughout.  In Tally, Watson created a character filled with wit, wisdom, and compassion.  This makes her one of my favorite leading ladies and someone to root for until the end!

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