Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Upcoming: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Earlier this month Erin Morgenstern's highly-anticipated novel The Night Circus was released.  Thankfully, it appears that thus far Morgenstern's debut is living up to all the anticipation that has been building around this novel for months.  Among its accolades thus far, The Night Circus, is included on Amazon's Best Books of the Month list and is already #2 on The New York Times Best Seller's list.  I think part of its appeal is the variety it seems to offer readers.  Reviews range from those enthralled by the magical aspect of the book to those enticed by its mystery and romance.  Overall, it seems the common ground is that Morgenstern has created a masterpiece that truly draws the reader into the story through her descriptive, narrative talents.  Suffice to say, those of us at The Reading Grove are very excited to enjoy this adventure ourselves.  We also have plans to attend a discussion with the author in October and look forward to sharing that experience with all of you, as well.  Stay tuned for the full review next month on The Reading Grove!

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