Monday, July 4, 2011

Acts of Violets (A Flower Shop Mystery #5) by Kate Collins

Snuggles the Clown is dead and Marco is the only suspect.  Marco is relying on Abby, owner of Bloomers Flower Shop, to find the real killer.  As much as Abby cares for Marco, can she really trust him?  Things in Marco's past surface and Abby wonders what else Marco is keeping from her.  A history with the victim?  Secret out of town house guests?  A SON?

And if Abby isn't stressed out enough, Mad Mo (Abby's mother) is at it again and you'll be knocked over by a feather when you read what she is crafting now.  

I liked Acts of Violets.  Kate Collins is quite witty and I always have a giggle when reading A Flower Shop Mystery.  Abby is solo for the most part on this case and being a competent female she makes quick work of finding the real killer.  Although Marco and Abby haven't actually verbalized their feelings for each other the relationship is progressing nicely.


  1. I love mystery books! It sounds like a great read and I'm def going to check out that series. Great review!

  2. @books-ahoy Thanks for the compliment! I love a good mystery too. Thanks for following us too. We are just getting started over here and love to hear feedback from our (very few) followers.