Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Denise Swanson's Scrumble River Series

Skye Denison has returned to the town of Scrumble River to serve as a school psychologist.  At one time, she escaped this small town to find a bigger and better life in the city.  That plan having fallen short, Skye finds herself back in a town where the red lights are few and far between and the gossip is always ripe for the picking.  Readers can easily relate to the difficulties Skye faces as she returns home and tries to make a new life for herself under the watchful eye of her parents and local townspeople.  Denise Swanson, the author of the Scrumble River series, has provided her main character (Skye) with a unique position to be involved in a number of fascinating mysteries.  Through her constant interaction with parents, kids, and the powers-that-be in Scrumble River, it becomes inevitable that Skye will play a role in any unseemly events that befall the town.  In addition to excellent story lines, Swanson also provides consistent character development throughout the series.  The first book leads the reader into an emotional roller coaster of sorts as Skye faces the barriers of small town politics during her efforts to help students.  Each book demonstrates the increasing impact that this dedicated school psychologist has on the citizenry of Scrumble River.  Suffice to say, this series is not just a one hit wonder by any means.  In fact, Ms. Swanson is working on book #15 in this likeable series.  If that's not proof of an author consistently keeping her readers happy, then I do not know what is! 

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